Your first Product from Denon – let us know how it was

I know about 12 years ago I got my first product from Denon it was a Dolby Surround Receiver, hmm the product number I do not remember, but I would say it was in the Category as the 3312 is today, so not that bad.  At that time I had Cerwin Vega at the front and JBL control loudspeakers as surround and center, was not perfect in anyway, but worked fine. Before the Denon receiver I had a JVC 140watt which really had power and that was the problem with the Denon Receiver, when I turned the volume up high, it made my Bass clip and that was a really a disappointment, but ok it was a surround receiver in the early years and the other was a pure stereo amplifier.


Let me know about your first Denon products.

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