Denon DN-X1700 DJ mixer


With the Denon DN-X1700 Denon worked closely with some of the top professionals in the industry, gaining key input on its design / functionality of Mixers and whats needed. The results of this process is one of the best professional digital mixer.

Years gone into the development of a mixer of this caliber and nothing in its specification and construction has been sacrificed for the DN-X1700 Mixer. Attention to detail, layout and component quality and Denon’s engineers have provided every capability professional DJs will require: working with Vinyl turntables, CD Decks, Media Players, DJ software applications via laptops and USB storage devices. This is a great Mixer for every DJ out there, of cause every DJ has its own way of judging the way the Mixer has to perform and the Handling has to fit the DJ, like a car.

Here we have a video so you have a idea how the software works on the DN-X1700 Mixer.

Hre we have a little presentation of the Denon DN-X1700 mixer


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