Denon AVR-S900W Receiver

AVR-S900W 7.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD A/V Receiver with WI-FI and Bluetooth

Add life to your realm of wireless technology with Denon AVR S900W A/V receiver. This receiver comes with up-to-date streaming features, wireless connections, and functionality. Moreover, this exceptional AVR S900W encompasses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. Aforementioned functionalities facilitate and support wireless connectivity to manifold transmission of media content with the help of a variety of compatible gadgets or systems.
In line to the modernizations, Denon A/V receiver entails up-to-the-minute HDMI 2.0 attribute, which incorporates 4K Ultra 60 Hz data transfer frequency to match with subsequent-advanced 4K over-the-top high definition 4.4.4 pure color sharper content viewing.
Denon’s AVR-S900W maximum output is 185 watts on each channel. That said the receiver entails elevated electric flow, separate electric supply amplifier component, which function well with lower resistance 4-ohm amps. Our novel Eco mode allows you choose a low power scale for average medium to fainter sound volumes.


Encompassing the cutting-edge fidelity sound decoders, AVR S900W also takes in DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. Another exceptional attributes include the Dolby Pro Logiz IIZ. Previously mentioned feature allows you to incorporate additional tall front speakers for a spectacularly magnified front sound arena.

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In-built Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA, and AirPlay

Thanks to technology. Listen to your desired music, which is wirelessly transferred to the AVR-S900W straight from your Bluetooth-supporting mobile gadgets, like mp3 players, PC, tablet, and smartphone. The receiver’s memory can store eight Bluetooth movable gadgets, allowing your confidants and loved ones dance to their favorite tunes.
The Integrated Wi-Fi attribute enables you to connect the AVR-S900W to available or close networks and bring in a completely new-fangled streaming experience. You can tune in to numerous internet broadcasting entities and stream content from paid-for services such as SiriusXM Pandora, and Spotify.
Airplay is yet another extraordinary specification. AirPlay enables you to stream music wirelessly straight from you iPad, iPhone, and other compatible Apple products. If you own an android, Mac, or PC, DLNA 1.5 accreditation allows you to play your favorite tracks on your receiver by wireless streaming.
Download and install A Denon Remote software in your gadgets to control your AVR-S900W. Download the application from Kindle Fire, Google Play for android platforms, and iTunes for Apple devices.

Up-to-the-minute HDMI 2.0 Connection

AVR-S900W comes with the cutting HDMI 2.0 connectivity. This HDMI attribute involves 21:9 video view, 4.4.4 Pure Color, and 4K Ultra high definition. The receiver is capable of upscaling and transforming resolution to 4K Ultra HD from both average and sharper audiovisual bases.

Eight HDMI Inputs, Dual HDMI Outputs

On the back section, of the AVR-S900W you will see 7 HDMI 2.0 ports and another dock on the front division. The HDMI inputs allow you easily link up your much-loved HD cameras, gaming consoles, or other HDMI appliances.
With the twin HDMI outputs, you can operate two distinct HDMI-set presentations simultaneously.

Eco Mode Incorporated with Powerful 7 Channel Discrete Amplifier

Every sole channel has an all-out power of 185 watts. The AVR-S900W encompasses a power-magnifying layout, which features compound high-level voltage separate output contrivances that includes similar path network.
Our recent Eco Mode facilitate the capacity to generally lower power intake and contains a televisual Eco Gauge that shows you the power intake drop result.
The automatic Eco Mote inevitably toggles between Eco and regular modes, relying on sound level, not forgetting that the power enhancer compartment is evaluated to handle lower resistance speakers, mostly 4-ohms. This is for solidity and compatibility with practically all speaker types.

In-built Audyssey Bronze

Denon is the first ever A/V receiver manufacturer to incorporate Audyssey developed DSP audio output.
AVR-S900W encompasses the advanced Audyssey technology that consists of, MultEQ room sound volume and amendment. MultEQ technology initially evaluates precise result in all speakers hosted, inclusive of the subwoofer, and then promptly engenders manifold accuracy digital streams, which guarantees a fluid outcome.
Complex DSP processes are featured in the Audyssey Dynamic Volume to clear up leaps in volume, like infomercials, allowing you to receive clear sound still at very low volume. Audysses Dynamic EQ offers complex sound equalizing, producing fluid, excellent output throughout the acoustic scale.

Multi-Room Listening

AVR-S900W features a flexible speaker assign attribute, which you can select to drive a 5.1 channel speaker system, and bestow the two extra speaker outlets to produce high-fidelity sound to duo amps in a different room.

Dolby Pro Logic IIZ Front Height Channels

With the Dolby decoder, you are capable of aligning the receiver to handle a 7.1 Output home entertainment system, encompassing 5 main speakers and two extra front height amps, which produce a spacious interior sound rostrum to coordinate with the on-air content.

Double Subwoofer Outputs

The groove bass quality is ruined by in-room echoes that adversely shake bass excellence, reliant on the subwoofer position in a space proportionate to the listening point, with summits and inclines, which collectively deliver blasting and unclear bass detail.
AVR-S900W together with twin subwoofer channels allows you to operate separate subwoofers positioned in distinct spots in the action space. Placing dual subwoofers in one room but distinct positions, the bass attribute can every so often be considerably superior because of output leveling, with more fluid, enhanced bass without aggravating dips and peaks.

DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD

AVR-S900W entails the capacity to decrypt sharp audial tracks from DTS-HD Master, as well as Dolby TrueHD. The D/A converter compartment involve precision D/A converters, which drives 24 bit, 192 kHz clear digital acoustic tracks.

Color Coded Amp Ports

This must be the simplest and swiftest system. AVR-S900W has a straight row of color distinguished first-rate speaker terminals. The provided color-coded loudspeaker marks ensure that links are accurate initially.

Simple to Operate Instant Choice Functions

On the anterior section, there are four buttons, which are simple and fast to use. The receiver has enough memory to store your chosen track and customized settings for each selected source. On the wireless remote regulator, there are four devoted prompt, select function controls.

Polished Anterior Board layout

The front layout is is elegant. Find the conspicuous track selection buttons and a volume knob. The pictorial representation screen coalesces clear-cut wording together with palpable characters that allow you see the volume level, picked source, and additional vital and readable info.

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