Denon AVR 2313 Receiver


Denon AVR 2313


If you are an audiophile and are not only looking for power but also high quality music, then this Denon’s AVR-2313CI IN-Command AV Receiver is for you. Equipped with 7.2 channel unleashing 105 Watts per channel, you can never look for anything else. Though it is rated as a mid level AV receiver in Denon’s line of IN-Command AV Receivers, do not underestimate it. It is a monster on its own! Each of the 7.2 channels offers independent but equal power, thanks to the discreet circuit for each channel that Denon is offering. The result is earth shaking high quality sound from this AV receiver. Its video capabilities can also not go unmentioned, it allows for 3D and 4K pass and upscaling technologies up to 1080p. Get your music from anywhere be it the internet or your local sources. The networking function that has been incorporated allows you to stream music from internet radio, ITunes library and personal computer. Six HDMI’s input and two HDMI output gives you a piece of mind when it comes to connecting devices. Have all your HDMI compatible devices connected at once and not in turns! Connect your camcorders, set-up boxes, Blue ray players, gaming stations and even tablet computers using the HDMI ports and enjoy high definition sound and pictures. With dual HDMI outputs, you can connect to video output components at the same time e.g. a High definition TV and a Projector at the same time.


A peek at AVR-2313CI IN-Command AV Receiver

  • Six HDMI input ports and two HDMI output ports for easy connectivity to multiple devices that are HDMI compatible

  • Advanced network capabilities for streaming if sound from the internet and other sources

  • 105 Watts per channel of solid power from all the channels

  • 3D and 4K pass compliant for watching 3D movies in high definition

  • Wireless streaming of music from Apples proprietary ITunes with AirPlay technology from Apple

  • Multi-room capabilities allowing for playing music in two different rooms simultaneously

  • Audyssey MultEQ XT included for creation of an acoustic profile for you AV receiver

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy setup

  • Three year warranty and one year warranty on refurbished


The pass through technology superior sound

The AVR-2313 IN-Command AV Receiver produces a massive 105 Watts per channel on all the 7.2 channels. Each of the 7.2 channels circuitry is powered independently resulting in high quality sound than ever before unlike other model with integrated circuits. With ability to connect dual subwoofers, the resulting bass is astounding. Take advantage of the pass though technology that the AV receiver has to watch 3D movies at high quality images.

4K Upscaling

All videos signals that come through the AV receiver are upscaled to 4K; i.e. 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. This is four times higher than the normal 1080p picture quality. Use 4K monitors and video projectors to enjoy the quality pictures.


Advanced Functions to Play Streaming Media

The AVR-2313 IN-Command AV Receiver network technology allow you stream music from the internet sources like internet radio and music files that are downloaded to your personal computer. Enjoy listening to SiriusXM Internet Radio, Pandora, Flickr and also Apples AirPlay technology where you can have access to ITunes library, IPad, IPhone, IPod touch, personal computer or mackintosh. The receiver is also DLNA 1.5 certified and is compatible with computers installed with Windows 7.

If you are having the premium spotified accounts, then you can access of 18 million tracks with your AVR-2313. Spottily accounts offer high quality media streaming of 320 Kbps bit rates.


Two sounds in two rooms

The AVR 2313 has multi-room capabilities that allow you to listen to two audios at two different rooms at the same time. Using this technology, you can assign any two of the seven channels to different speakers or connect amplifiers in the zone two preamp outputs and enjoy your music while still having your main room filled with high quality surround music.


Audyssey MultEQ XT quality sounds

You can customise your sound to eliminate any acoustical problem in your living room with the AVR 2313. The AV receiver is equipped with Audyssey MultEQ XT to assist you with this function. It creates an acoustic profile for the home theatre system. The Audyssey Dynamic Volume ensures that the volume control is adjusted on a real time basis while the Audyssey DynamicEQ automatically adjusts the volume to optimal when a sound with low volume is connected. The Audyssey MultEQ automatically adjusts the volume to suit the surrounding environment and the strength of the speakers.



Enjoy more sound with Audyssey DSX Technology

With this technology, the surround sound is expanded beyond 5.1 by Audyssey DSX.


Assign Power Amps for Different Audio set-up

The AVR-2313 IN-Command AV Receiver is a 7.2 receiver. However you can configure the system in that the amplifier that power the two surround back channels now drive the two front height speakers or even configure the receiver for a BI-Amp kind of operation to achieve a higher quality sound.


HDMI Ports

The AVR 2313 has six HDMI input ports and two HDMI output ports. Connect your HDMI devices with ease without having them in turns. With dual HDMI out port , you can connect two components e.g. a HD TV and a Projector simultaneously. A wide range of HDMI compatible devices can be connected including set-up boxes, Blue-ray disk players, DVD players, ROKU TV, Apple TV etc. with a front panel with one HDMI port and USB port, you can quickly and conveniently connect other devices at the front e.g. Camcorder, IPhone, Tablets, MP3 players etc.


Graphical User Interface

The receiver comes with a graphical user interface that is easy to use and go through the on screen menus. They are clear and the character fonts have been enlarged. A “set-up assistant” is also ready waiting to take you through the steps. The AV receiver also has a remote application that you can use with IPhone, IPad or IPhone to control the menus.



The receiver comes with a three year warranty and a one year warranty on refurbished.


What’s in the box?

When you open the box, you will find the following; the AV receiver, a remote control with two AA batteries, FM antennae, power cable, user manual, CD ROM user guide and an Audyssey set-up microphone.


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