Denon AVR 2113 Receiver



Denon AVR 2113

If you are looking at acquiring an entry level IN-Command receiver from Denon, then the AVR 2113 7.1 channels is the system to go for. You will enjoy immense power of surround sound and the very latest of 3D movies with its 4 pass 3D capabilities. The 7.1 IN-Command receivers will offer you seven discreet channels of equivalent power. With this receiver you can stream music from many sources including IPod, IPhone, IPod touch, Mac or from the internet. Equipped with six HDMI in put ports and one HDMI out port, you can enjoy high quality audio and video from a variety of sources such as Game stations, Blue ray disc players, set up boxes, tablet computers, personal computers etc.


Looking at the features of AVR-2113 IN-Command AV Receiver in brief

  • Powerful 7.1 receivers with 95 Watts per channel

  • Six HMDI output ports and one HDMI input port

  • 3D technology pass compliant for 3D videos

  • Network technology for networking to different network streaming media

  • Wireless streaming of music from ITunes library, IPod, IPad, IPod touch and PC

  • Multi room capabilities for playing different audios in different rooms

  • High tech circuit for video conversion to 4k

  • Independent power amp circuit for each of the 7 channels to give the most powerful sound ever

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) for ease of operation through the on screen menus that are large with big fonts

  • Backed up three year warranty and one year warranty on refurbished models

  • Audyssey MultEQ XT for acoustic profile establishment on the AV receiver

  • AirPlay technology that allows you to listen to music from the iTunes library on your Apple device


Advanced Functions to Play Streaming Media

The AVR-2113 IN-Command AV Receiver is a network receiver and allows you to stream real time music from the internet. You can listen to high quality audio from internet sources like internet radio and also playing music stored from other storage devices like your PC. The AVR-2113 is compatible with internet services like SiriusXM Internet Radio, Pandora, Flickr as well as Apple’s AirPlay technology which will give you exclusive access to their services e.g. ITunes music library, IPad, IPhone, IPod touch, computer or mac. It is compatible with Microsoft operating system windows 7.

If you have access to spotify account, then you can enjoy up to 18 million music tracks which are high quality and streamed at 320 Kbps bit rate giving the best of sounds.


Multi-Room audio capabilities

With the AVR-2113 IN-Command AV Receiver you can enjoy two different sounds in two different rooms concurrently. The technology allows you to assign two of the channels to another room using different set of speakers or connect an amplifier to the receivers zone two stereo outputs which makes it possible for you to play different audio while still enjoying quality 7.1 surround sound in the main room.


Audyssey MultEQ XT

The sound technology still continues with the AVR-2113 IN-Command AV Receiver as it comes with Audyssey MultEQ XT sound technology that creates an acoustic sound profile for your AVR. With this technology you can customise your AVR to eliminate acoustical problems that might precisely to your room resulting in excellent sound reproduction. MultEQ XT is tuned to use high resolution equalisation filters making the perfect sound output for room that are not regular in shape. With Audyssey Dynamic EQ the volume levels are adjusted on a real time basis while Audyssey Dynamic Volume technologies ensure that the sounds reproduced are optimally adjusted for comfortable listening.


HDMI ports

The AVR-2113 IN-Command AV Receiver comes with six HDMI output ports and one HDMI input port for your convenience. Connect HDMI compliant multiple devices at once without the hassle of having to disconnect and connect for additional equipments. A range of equipments can be connected including games stations, Blue ray players, camcorders and even media streaming devices like ROKU and Apple TV. The receiver also features of a front panel that incorporates one HDMI port and USB ports for connectivity to everyday use devices like IPods, tablets, Camcorders etc with ease.


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The receiver also comes with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) with large and big font characters that are easy to read and go through the diagrams. It also has the ‘setup assistant’ that will take all through the way till you completely set up the system and start operating it. The receiver also has a special feature, the remote app that allows you to operate it using IPod, IPad or other Android Smartphone’s. Two AA batteries are included on initial purchase.


IP Address

For easy connection to your home network, the receiver has a custom built integration features like the RS 232 and IP control for third party connectivity.



The AVR-2113 IN-Command AV Receiver weighs about 20-9/10 pounds. The exterior has gloss black finish that makes it sleek with dimensions of 6-1/2 by 17-1/10 by 13 inches (H x W x D).


Warranty Information

The AVR-2113CI IN-Command AV Receiver comes with a three year warranty that will definitely give a piece of mind. For refurbished ones, a one year warranty is applicable. The warranty covers manufacturer defects and workmanship during the entire period that the receiver is under the warranty. The warranty is only applicable for the original purchaser of the system and cannot be transferred.

What’s in the box?

When you finally receiver your box from the courier, this is what you expect to find inside. The AVR-2113 IN-Command AV Receiver, remote control, two AA batteries, FM antennae, power cable, CD ROM user guide, Audyssey setup microphone and a reader’s manual.


The AVR-2113 IN-Command AV Receiver might be an entry level system but still holds a lot of power. The reviews show that it can compete effectively with other bigger machine of other brands. The features are admirable especially the AirPlay and network capabilities. This opens you to a world of music and videos than you can never imagine. Equipped with 3D technology, what you can expect here is quality sound and quality videos.










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