Denon AVR-1913 Receiver


Denon AVR-1913

This is the Denon range of network receivers that can process audio, video and advanced networking functions. The receiver is capable of streaming music directly from internet radio, ITunes library, IPad, IPhone, computer or from any online source of audio source analogue or digital. Being a 7.1 system, it produces high quality music as it can upscale analogue signals into full HD 1080p video. The receiver also features and a very user friendly graphical user interface for ease of operation from your screen. With six HDMI ports, you can connect up to six devices using HDMI ports for high quality music and video. Other audio processing features include Dolby Pro Logic IIz decoder for rich Dolby surround sounds. It is also manufactures with powerful power amps that enable you to assign and reassign a wide range of listening sounds. It also has ready built in Audyssey technologies for acoustic sounds that mirror the environment and you don’t have to go behind the receiver to connect to USB ports, it has a front panel that offers direct connectivity for digital play with IPod, IPhone and USB devices.

Advanced Functions to Play Streaming Media

The AVR-1913 Integrated Network AV Receiver is made to stream media directly from internet radio, ITunes libraries and playing music from other sources like the PC or phone. The quality of music that comes out of it is unmatchable! But that’s not all; the receiver supports a wide range of audio sources including Pandora, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Flickr and Apple’s AirPlay technology which gives you the chance to listen music from ITunes library, Iphone, IPad, PC or IMAC. It is DLNA 1.5 certified and compatible with Windows 7 operating system. If you are having a Spottily Premium account then you can listen close to 18 million music tracks at a very high quality 320 Kbps bit rate being the best of speed sounds that you can never have.

This high powered receiver has an output of 90 watts per channel which all have independent amp circuits for all the seven channels. With this technology you can only expect the best of sounds from each of the channel unlike other receivers that have a single circuit to power all the channels available. The receiver also has the latest in technology in video processing; the 3D technology. By connecting a 3D Blue-ray disk player, 3D HD TV you can enjoy the highest quality of video and sound output from a 3D home theatre.

Audyssey Technology for Enhanced Audio

The Denon AVR-1913 offers a complete Audyssey Technology for Enhanced Audio feature that provides the highest of sound quality. The Audyssey Dynamic Volume gives an opportunity to real time volume adjustments viz a viz the Audyssey DynamicEQ which is capable of adjusting your system volume even when hit by low volumes due to poor inputs from the sources. The receiver also features Audyssey MultEQ automatically that is able to balance your speakers systematically to suit the surrounding environment and the quality of the speakers.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz

Dolby is known all over for their expertise in sounds enhancement and the AVR-1913 is not left out of this. With this technology the receiver is able to add two additional height channels apart from the existing ones to provide a massive and deep surround sound system. But that’s not all about sounds; the receiver also puts a lot of emphasis on sound paths creating a simple and straight design reducing the length of the signal paths hence reducing any redundancies that might be experiences when transmitting sounds, these results to optimal audio and video playback.

Sound and Video Up scaling

The AVR-1913 is also equipped with the latest video up scaling of up to 1080p signal. This ensures that any disc that you play is displayed digitally all through. All analogue signals are converted to digital signals giving the best of pictures and sounds.

Reassigning of power amps has never been this easy. With the AVR-1913 you can reassign the two surround back channels to the two front height channels. And being a 7.1 receiver, you can enjoy true Dolby Pro Logic IIz as you want it. If you are in a multi room and still want to enjoy the Dolby sounds, you can reassign the surround back channels to zone two. You also have the option of listening to two channels by setting up the receiver for front bi-amp operation.

Simple operations

The AVR-1913 has been made with the layman in mind. It has enhanced graphical user interface that makes it very easy to operate. The characters are large and have the pre installed ‘setup assistant’ that will guide you through the steps of setting up and operating. Make use of the preset four select buttons to easily setup your volume and surround options for the source that you frequently use and anytime that you feel like using them the only thing you do is to press the button. A simple operational remote and manual is included for your own convenience with complete two AA batteries for the remote.


Connectivity is made simpler with six HDMI ports that allow you to connect up to HDMI devices concurrently. Connect a Blue-ray player, camcorder or MP3 player without any hassle of unplugging one device to connect another. Enjoy videos, music or simply watch photos through the ports provided including a front USB port. The USB port can be used to connect day to day devices like IPod, IPhone, IPad or any other devices that support USB connections.


To give you a piece of mind, the Denon AVR-1913 comes with a two year warranty and a one year warranty if it’s a refurbished model.

Size and Weight

The AVR-1913 weighs about 20 pounds, 12 ounces (9.5 KG) and measures 6-3/8 by 17-3/32 by 12-61/64 inches (H x W x D).

What you expect in the box

When the courier finally drops you the receiver at your doorstep, this is what you expect included in the packaging; AVR-1913 Integrated Network AV unit, setup manual, remote control with two AA batteries, setup microphone, FM indoor antenna and a CD ROM user’s manual.

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