Denon AVR 1713 Receiver



Denon AVR 1713


This is another of Denon Integrated Network AV Receiver though it comes as a 5.1. with this state of the art receive you can stream live internet radio, crystal clear audio music from ITunes library, IPod, IPad, Tablets or your personal computer. The AVR 1713 is compatible with multi zone operation allowing the user to listen to two different music sources in separate rooms at the same time. It also comes with the award winning Audyssey technology which delivers high quality sound at optimal. With an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), it makes it very easy to go through the menus and change system settings on your TV set.


A Glimpse at Denon AVR 1713 Integrated Network AV Receiver


The AVR 1713 will deliver what other receivers have failed to do so. With a 5.1 channel you can be sure of quality balanced music with a host of many features that will greatly enhance your listening enjoyable.


  • Network functions: This is an Integrated Network AV Receiver making it possible to listen to music directly from internet sources like Pandora, ITunes libraries, SiriusXM Radio and Apple’s AirPlay technology.

  • Power Amps: The power amps of the AVR 1713 have discreet circuit in that every channel has its own circuit board to power it. This greatly improves the sound quality of the system unlike other AV that has only one circuit to power all the channels.

  • Connectivity: The AVR 1713 has advanced connectivity functions. This includes six HDMI ports that enable you to connect up to six devices supporting HDMI concurrently. This eliminates the need for connecting and disconnecting some devices when you want to add more devices to your receiver. It also has USB ports at the front that enables easy connectivity with your USB devices e.g. IPods, IPhone, MP3 players plus many other USB devices directly to the front panel of the system.

  • GUI: The receiver has a very user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that enables quick and ease scrolling of the menus on your TV set without having to guess what menu controls what function.

  • Audyssey technologies: The AVR 1713 is equipped with Audyssey technologies that greatly enhance the quality of sound that comes out of this system. The Audyssey Dynamic Volume ensures that the volume control is adjusted on a real time basis while the Audyssey DynamicEQ automatically adjusts the volume to optimal when a sound with low volume is connected. The Audyssey MultEQ automatically adjusts the volume to suit the surrounding environment and the strength of the speakers.



Advanced Functions to Play Streaming Media


As mentioned before, the Denon AVR 1713 Integrated Network AV Receiver is capable of streaming live music from internet sources. You can listen to internet radio as well as play music from other standard sources like your PC or IPod. The advanced network capacity allows you listen to music from SiriusXM Internet Radio, Pandora, Flickr and even Apple’s AirPlay technology that makes it possible to stream music from ITunes libraries, IPod, IPad, IPod touch, personal computer or even Mackintosh. The receiver is also compatible with Microsoft operating system Windows 7.



Consistent Power for High-Quality Sound


To have a consistent power output all the time, the AVR 1713 has independent built circuit for each of the five 80 Watts channels. The sound that is emitted from each channel is powerful and consistent all the time compared to other models AVR models that have integrated circuits.



Create 3D Home Theater System


The receiver is also compatible with 3D technology. It features a 3D pass technology that allows you to connect Blue ray disc player and 3D HD TV set resulting to a 3D hometheater with unmatched sound quality and video.




High-Definition Audio Support


The Denon AVR 1713 Integrated Network AV Receiver has support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio decoding which is essential for Blue ray.


Clear Audio and Video


The receiver is also manufactured with standards that allows for the signal paths are as short as possible. This is made possible by designing a concept that is simple and straightforward. With this technology signal loss is greatly reduced hence improvement in audio quality.



Simple Operation


The Denon AVR 1713 Integrated Network AV Receiver comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) that is clear and easy to use menus. They have been enlarged for easy viewing whilst the characters used are also big. The GUI also has a ‘setup assistant’ that will take you step on step from setup to operational functions. Four menu buttons are available that enables you to preset functions like volume level and surround mode for frequently used sources. With this function all the menus that you preset will be readily available at a one press so you don’t need to set them up every time you want to listen to them. But it is only the graphical user interface (GUI) that is easy to operate, the AVR also comes with a remote control ready with two AA batteries that is easy to use and operate. A detailed manual is also included and a CD ROM guide.



HDMI Ports


The AVR 1713 comes with six HDMI ports that make it easy for you to connect up to six independent HDMI compatible devices without having to connect and disconnect some when you want to add more devices. With these options you can connect your camcorder or tablet with ease and watch your photos pr play music.


Front Panel


For ease of operation, everything has been placed at the front panel. So you don’t have to go behind the system to connect your USB devices. Simply plug in and out from the USB ports at the front.


Vibration Resistant


The unit has been secured over vibrations that may occur. The transformers are properly secured on the board to ensure interference free listening.





The AVR comes with a two year warranty on new models and one year warranty on refurbished models.


Include in the Box


AVR-1713 Integrated Network AV Receiver, remote control and two AA batteries, User manual, CD ROM guide, Setup microphone and FM indoor antennae.









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