Compare Denon avr 3312ci vs 4311ci



Denon Product AVR-4311CI AVR-3312CI
Depth (inches) 15 15
Height (inches) 6.4 6.7
Width (inches) 17.1 17.1
Power Output; Watts Per Channel 140 125
Weight: In Pounds 38.2 lbs 26.8
Finish Black Black
All Channels Rated @ 0.05 THD​
All Channels Rated @ 0.08 THD
THX Ultra2-Certified
​5-Channel Stereo Mode
​Active Center Channel In All Surround Modes
​Audio Signal Delay (Sync. Audio with Video signal) – By source
​Auto Surround Mode (Analog or Digital Input Type)
​Dolby Pro Logic IIx – with Cinema, Music, Game Modes
​Dolby Digital Surround EX Decoding
​Dolby Headphone
​dts ES Discrete 6.1 Decoding
dts ES Matrix 6.1 Decoding​
​dts 96/24 5.1 for DVD-Video Processing
​DSP Effect Modes
​Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital+ Decoding
​Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit – D.D.S.C – D
​dts Neo:6 Stereo-to-Surround Cinema and Music Mode
​HDCD Decoder
​Jazz Club Surround Mode
​Matrix Surround Mode
​Mono Movie Surround Mode
​Multi-Channel Stereo Mode
​Processor(s) – Bit Depth and Type
​Pure Direct/Direct/Stereo Modes on Digital/Analog inputs
​Rock Arena Surround Mode
​Stereo/Direct Modes w/Pure Analog Path
THX Post-Processing – All Dolby and dts Surround Modes
​THX Surround EX Decoding
​THX Ultra2 7.1 Cinema, Music and Game Modes
​Video Game Mode
​Virtual Surround Mode – For 2 Speakers/Headphones
​Wide Screen 7.1 Mode
​+12v Trigger Output – Assignable 2 (150mA) 2 x 150 mA
​56 Station Auto-Preset Memory Tuning
​6-Ch. External Analog Input
​8-Ch. External Analog Input
​Analog Audio Inputs, Incl. Tuner 8
​Analog Record Outputs 1
​Assignable Amplifier Configuration of Surround Back Channels
​Assignable Digital Inputs
​Banana Plug Speaker Terminals, All Channels
​BNC Digital Inputs – Audio & Video
​Component Video Inputs x Bandwidth – *Assignable 3 x 100MHz *2 x 60 MHz
​Cinema EQ
Composite Video Inputs​ 5/Incl. Front x 1 5 Incl. Front
​Composite Video Outputs 1 2
​Component Video Outputs 1 1
​Digital Input – DENON Link 3rd (SACD Ready)
​Digital Inputs: Coaxial 2 2
​Digital Inputs: Optical 2 2
​Digital Outputs: Optical 1
​Digital to Analog REC Out
​Direct Function (Tone Bypass)
Discrete Multi-Zone Composite Video Output
​Digital to Analog Conversion Multi Zone Outputs
​Discrete Remote Power On/Off, Source Selection and Volume for Main and Second/Third* Zones
​Discrete Remote Source Selection for Zone 3
​DVI/HDMI Video Inputs – Compatible with 1.1 Spec. – Multi-Channel Audio
​Faroudja DCDi Video Processing and Scaling FLI2310
​Front A/B Speaker Selector
​Front Panel A/V Inputs w/Cover * Composite and S-Video
​Front Panel AV Inputs Inside Panel Composite & S-Video
​HDMI 1.3a Inputs
​HDMI 1.3a Outputs
​HDMI Audio/Video Repeater Function
​HDMI Deep Color Support-36Bit
​HDMI SACD Support
​HDMI Video Output v1.1 Spec 1080p
​HDMI Video Outputs *1080p
​HDMI Video Switching Function
​HDMI xvYCC Color Space Support
​High Pass Filter for Multi-Zone Outputs
​IEEE-1394 Digital Audio Input/Output
​Input Delete Function
​Internet Radio
iPod Dock Control Port (Using optional Denon Docks)
​iPod Port (Using optional AKP-100 cable)
​IR Serial Remote In/Out terminals
​Multi-Source/Multi-Zone (*Uses REC OUT)
​Multi-Zone Pre-Amp Outputs – Selectable Output Levels
​PC Setup and Control Capability
​Phono Input
​Pre Labled Assignable Digital Inputs
​Pre-Amp Outputs
​Pre-amp Outputs for Multi-Zone
​Radio Data System (RDS)
RJ-45 Ethernet Port
​RS-232 Port – Third Party Remote Controllers
​Selectable Muting Levels (Full/-40/-20)
​Silicon Optix Realta HQV Processing and Scaling
​Source Function Renaming
​Speaker Time-Delay and Level Controls: L/R, Sub, C, Surr. L/R, Surround Back
​S-Video Down Conversion 2nd Zone
​S-Video Inputs 2 1 x Dock
​S-Video Outputs
True 24-bit/192-kHz Digital Input Capability (Denon Link)
​True 24-bit/96-kHz Digital Input Capability
​USB Flash Drive Port
​Video Conversion – Analog to HDMI
​Video Conversion – Composite to S-Video to Composite
​Video Conversion Analog to HDMI Scaling 480p 720p 1080i 1080p
​Video Conversion –Composite to S-Video to Component
Video Select Control – Not for use with HDMI Sources
​Volume Control Un-muting
​XLR Analog Input
​XLR Analog Output
XM Satellite Radio ‘Connect and Play’ Ready – with optional tuner/antenna kit
24-bit/192-kHz DACs – Burr-Brown
AL24 Processing – All Channels​
Analog-to-Digital Conversion – Bit Depth/Sampling Rate​ 24-bit/192-kHz AK5358B 24-bit/192-kHz AK5358B
​Built In Time Based Correction
​Equal Power Amplifiers
​Icon-Based On-Screen Display
​Variable High/Low Pass Crossover Points (12/24dB) 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 150 / 200 / 250
​Low Impedance Drive Capability
24-bit/192-kHz DACs – AKM Semiconductor
​High-Current/Discrete Amplifiers
​Independent Power Supplies
​Pure Audio Construction
​Toroidal Power Transformer
​Dolby Digital, dts and DSP Modes – Analog Devices, HammerHead SHARC
​Dolby Digital, dts and DSP Modes – Texas Instruments Aureus
Audyssey MultEqxt Room Eq. with up to eight position setup
​Auto Setup Calibration
​Auto/Manual Room Equalization
​Auto Setup Microphone Included/Type
Detachable Power Cord​
​Dual Surround Mode Spkr. Selector
​Front Panel A/B Speaker Selector
​Front Panel System Setup Control
​Microprocessor User Re-set
​Personal Memory Plus
​Pre-programmed (10 Devices) Glow Key Remote Control with Punch Through Commands
​Pre-programmed/Learning EL Remote with Backlighting and Punch Through Commands
​Relay-Controlled Protection Circuits
​Subwoofer Peak-Level Limiter (THX)
​System Setup/Surround Parameters Lockout

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3 thoughts on “Compare Denon avr 3312ci vs 4311ci

  1. There are several extra features with the 4311 here a few
    ​HDCD Decoder
    140 watt
    Wide Screen 7.1 Mode
    ​8-Ch. External Analog Input

    but there are more as you can see, still for my budget the 4311 is just to expensive.

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