Denon AVR-S700W Receiver

AVR-S700W 7.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD A/V Receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

You can now enjoy wireless connectivity with the new Denon AVR-S700W A/V receiver. It features in-built Bluetooth wireless streaming in consort with integrated Wi-Fi that enables you to explore audio files available on your preferred portable devices or the internet.
AVR-S700W is well-equipped for future technologies as it comes with the newest HDMI specification. It can handle the Ultra HD high resolution video content and the imminent 4K Ultra HD 60 Hz frame rate video, plus the full resolution 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling.


It is fitted out with modern high resolution audio decoders, comprising of DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD. In addition, the AVR-S700W also has Audyssey Bronze suite including Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Audyssey MultEQ automated room acoustic correction and measurement.

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Built-in Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Most movable devices are fitted with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The AVR-S700W has incorporated Bluetooth wireless technology that enables the user to stream their preferred audio tracks from not more than eight devices that are Bluetooth-enabled, for example; tablets, portable audio players and smartphones.
The AVR-S700W can connect to the internet using your home network with the in-built Wi-Fi wireless technology. This opens up a new music world from radio stations on the internet and also through subscription services such as Pandora, SiriusXM and Spotify Connect.
Using AirPlay, the user can enjoy their popular tracks wirelessly from transportable iOS devices such as iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. The DLNA 1.5 accreditation helps you to connect to a PC or Mac wirelessly through the home network for extra streaming capabilities.
We have a Denon Remote App that enables you to control your AVR-S700W using your preferred portable device. It is also available for Android, Kindle Fire and Apple devices.

Cutting-edge HDMI 2.0 Connectivity

The AVR-S700W has six HDMI inputs that enable the user to connect several HDMI source devices. To prepare you for the future, the Game and the Blu-ray inputs support 4K Ultra HD 60 Hz, 21:9 video pass-through and 4:4:4 Pure Color, which are features of the newest HDMI specification. The video section of the AVR-S700W is entirely compatible with the 3D content.

Stress-free to Setup, Stress-free To Use

The fashionable Setup Assistant of Denon, together with the Quick Start guide enables the system to be easily and quickly configured and connected accurately. Therefore, the user can enjoy excellent home cinema sound without much bother and fuss. The setup assistant has strong on-screen text and graphics that easily and swiftly guide the user through the entire setup procedure, enhancing critical system settings to ensure quality sound.

Convenient USB Port

The AVR-S700W has a USB Port. Therefore, you can connect your Apple iPad, iPod touch or Apple iPod to your audio video receiver. The USB port is conveniently located on the front panel to enable the user to listen to their much loved music tracks and at the same time charge your device.

7 Channel Discrete Amplifier that has Eco Mode

The AVR-S700W has high current power output devices that help it to deliver high power. It is ranked at 165 watts maximum for every channel. It also has an Auto Eco mode for regulating the available ultimate power consistent with the volume level. Still, it has an Eco meter that helps you check the power consumption decline in real time. The AVR-S700W is fitted with a low impedance drive capability that make it compatible with a variety of loudspeaker models.

Audyssey Bronze Built-in

Denon was actually the leading A/V manufacturer to use the Audyssey’s advanced DSP audio processing. The AVR-S700W has an Audyssey Bronze suite inclusive of DSP correction and MultEQ room acoustic measurement. Audyssey MultEQ measures every speaker that is in the home cinema setup through the provided measuring microphone. It then creates several high precision DSP correction filters that provide the most natural and smoothest tonal balance irrespective of the models or brands of the different speakers.
Audyssey Dynamic Volume has cutting-edge psycho-acoustic processing that delivers clear information flow and a wide variety of sounds at diminished volume levels. Therefore, one can have theater-level lucidity regardless of the listening level that they choose. Similarly, Audyssey Dynamic EQ has progressive DSP processing that delivers full scope wide-band response at decreased volume levels.

Multi-room Listening

The AVR-S700W can be configured for a 7-channel home cinema surround system. However, one can also settle for a 5-channel surround system for the main or living room and two of the amplified channels devoted for driving distinct stereo speakers to another room. The users can appreciate the surround sound movie in one of the rooms; while in the other room other users enjoy the stereo sound emanating from a distinct source.

Twofold Subwoofer Outputs

The AVR-S700W has two subwoofer outputs. These twin outputs enable the user to link two smaller subwoofers rather than one large, distinct subwoofer. Therefore, one will appreciate the benefits of reaction averaging as they can have two distinct subs in various positions in a room. With two subs, one will have a smoother deep bass. In addition, the dips and pick that often occur with a single sub setup will be minimized.

Speaker Terminals that are Color Coded

The AVR-S700W has a horizontal row of first-rate amplifier connection terminals that ensures ease of setting up. In addition, it has speaker labels that are color coded to ascertain that cable hookups are done correctly on the first time.

Quick select functions that are easy to use

The front panel of the AVR-S700W has four quick select function controls. Therefore, the user can swiftly select the most widely held sources, and the system will remember the most popular audio settings for each one. For added ease of use, the remote control also has devoted Quick Select buttons.

An Elegant Front Panel Design

The well-designed front panel has an elegant brushed hairline and metalized finish. In addition, it has dual control buttons that are used for input selection and volume control. The graphical display has clearly marked text and icons that are easy to use and understand. These icons enable you to instantly check the source that you have selected, see the level of the volume and other essential information.



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